Architectural Design House Live

Architectural Design House Live

To be able to produce a design that works well, Architects must be capable of imagining and animating every detail of the design it generates. So every style and shape of the building design must be in tune with the soul of Architects.

Tropical architecture, minimalist and contemporary design are some of the streams that I apply in any of my design, because it gives me the opportunity to be creative to the fullest.
Architecture / Tropical House always adheres to the values ​​derived comfort from the success of the architectural treatment of the tropical climate. Plan a home stay in a tropical zone means finding a solution of the constraints caused by the tropical climate.

Air humidity, hot sun, heavy rains it can be tricked. By maximizing the potential of the combined nature-certainly with creativity and design that is right, it will feel comfortable dwelling.

Paired with Minimalist Tropical Architecture / Contemporary

In addition to aspects of climate, tropical architecture also influenced by modern architecture (Minimalist / Contemporary). This architecture visible influence on the alloy mass, variety of ornaments and textures of materials usage. Geometric shapes and modifications sloping roof with wide eaves and a terrace characterizes this style of architecture.

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