Tips On Making Perfect Coffee

A good cup of coffee starts with the coffee maker. All are not created equal… You simply need a coffee maker that produces very hot water, for good coffee steeping. If the maker does not produce really  hot water, it will not give you a good cup of coffee, before buying a coffee maker do your homework. […]

Tips On Travel To Grenada – The Island Of Spice

Growing spices is part of Grenada’s claim to fame.  In fact, Grenada grows more spices per square mile than many other countries.  Such aromatic varieties as clove, allspice, and ginger, along with cookie favorites, cinnamon and nutmeg, add to the fragrant charm of this delightful island. Elegant with remnants of an island plantation lifestyle, Grenada […]

Roseville Pottery – Information And History

By Sharon Stajda, The history of Roseville pottery is well documented, and shows that Roseville pottery company was a great American company. The founder’s of Roseville pottery were  George Young, and C.F. Allison. The business it self got off to somewhat of  a modest beginning, making general stoneware for the home. In 1902 the partners bought out an […]

Tanning advice sun-tanning is harmful?

Protect your skin every day with a SPF product is very important all year round.  Keep in mind, your skin needs sunscreen not only during the summer months, but in the colder months too. So-keep a good Regiment of applying sunscreen all year. It will keep your skin from getting sun damage that ultimately make […]

Travel tips-Amsterdam

Historisch Museum in Amsterdam is a great place to start as it will help you put all the other sites in perspective. Contains the relics of the city’s history from centuries ago. Walking through the streets of Amsterdam is bound to be more meaningful after learning of their story. Van Gogh Museum contains the world’s […]

Rodriguez – Sundance Film “Searching For Sugar Man”

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez was born in Detroit Michigan on July 10,1942., he received the unusual name of Sixto due to being born the sixth child . His family had moved to Detroit Michigan from Mexico in the 1920’s, long before the birth of “Sixto”. His parents were hard working, and would have been considered working […]

Want Great healthy Hair ! Here’s A Few Tips How To Get It

Moisturizing Hair Conditioner – This Moisturizing Hair Conditioner adds great hydration, Plus loads of shine.½ cup honey1/4 cup of olive oil,Four drops essential oil of rosemary. Mix all 3 ingredients in a small bowl . Wet hair towel dry then apply the mixture sparingly to dampened hair. Let sit for 10 minutes lightly shampoo mixture […]

Tips On Hosting A Wine Tasting Party

HOW TO TASTE WINE PROPERLY Learning how to taste wines is a straight forward adventure. If done right it will come to deepen your appreciation of good wine.What are we looking for— Look, smell and taste? It’s as simple as that. You will be using your basic senses. After some practice you will be taste […]

Resale Shopping – Benefits Of Buying Second Hand

 Shopping the Internet is a great, fast way to shop for resale items. It is so convenient, and with the price of gas today, you save by leaving the car in the garage. There are a few things to consider when shopping the Internet for bargains. shopping. The first one should consider is what type […]