Photos: Nighttime Cemetery Tour in Lima, Peru

  In this Dec. 6, 2012 photo, a performer dramatizes a historic event during a nighttime guided tour at the Presbitero Matias Maestro cemetery in Lima, Peru. Guides tell Peru’s history through the tombs of presidents, prelates, poets, potentates and war heroes. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) Photos: Nighttime Cemetery Tour in Lima, Peru

Photos: Dodger Stadium Construction

  Construction on the field level seating area at Dodger Stadium Tuesday, December 11, 2012. (Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer) Photos: Dodger Stadium Construction

Photos: Beauty queens, 1924-1989

  What’s going on here? Click on, to find moments (some odd) and winners (some famous) from beauty pageants of the past. Photos: Beauty queens, 1924-1989