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Building a house can be built with any materials, one of which build a house with wood materials. First construction of houses with wood materials are common, especially in continental Europe. Currently, along with the times, the wooden house is more difficult to find. Rarely would anyone want to build a house with wooden walls because it is considered outdated and not seawet house with brick walls. In addition, the manufacture of wooden houses it costs more expensive than the manufacture houses with brick walls. This is because, wood materials used must be strong wood and good quality.

Generally, many wooden houses built in the countryside which gives the impression kesederhanaaan. Even though so, wooden house can also be a very interesting and powerful if it is built with quality wood materials and the right design. With proper design and arrangement, wooden house will be something unique and artistic value that can not be found in another house.

For those of you, who are want to build a dwelling that is different in terms of design and atmosphere, the wooden house is a good solution. Although many consider outdated wooden houses, but has a wooden house has several distinct advantages including:
1. Development of faster
Construction of wooden houses can be time consuming faster processing, because there are some employers that offer contractors knock down wooden house system or disassembly so that manufacture can be done in factory and then assembled on the construction site of the house in a few days.

2. Gives the impression of natural
In terms of beauty, wooden house would be more natural impression. This is because the nature of the wood texture natural lines of trees.

3. Save costs
For certain areas with natural resources such as forests and trees are abundant, the construction of a wooden house would be more efficient. Because the raw material can be taken from forests or trees that exist around the construction site.

4. System knock down
One advantage of wooden houses that are not owned by the house with material other than wood is, the wooden house can be used as a knock down system that can be assembled if the owners want to change the home location address. This certainly can not be done when the walls of the house is made of walls.

In addition to several advantages, for those of you who want to build a house made of wood principal, you also need to know if the house is made from wood has some shortcomings, yaiut:

1. The scarcity of trees
While this is very difficult to find a tree suitable for building a house. This is because of the scarcity of trees as a result of logging too much without offset by replanting. Scarcity of this tree is a threat of global warming could be fatal for the development of the earth and everything in it. By taking a tree without offset by replanting, means participating in activities reproduce indiscriminate tree felling.

2. Cost of greater good for raw materials
If you live in an urban area with trees and timber resources are few, the construction of wooden houses it will cost more. This is because it will be more difficult to find the timber resources of good quality, so that the timber is to be imported from other regions. And to get it will take greater costs.

3. The builder should be completely understood in terms of timber
To build a wooden house, you can not arbitrarily choose a builder. Builders will be working to build a house you have to really understand in the case of timber or commonly called a carpenter.

In addition to the above deficiencies, wooden houses also tend to be less resistant to termites and damp weather.

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