Houzz Tour: Baroque Minimalism in New Jersey


Removal of dividing wall open staircase to the main level, which has been rewritten to include the entry and living room, dining room and kitchen space. Mirror the foot of the stairs of the original house.

In the past, the dark interior staircase was laid out on the main level and combines the three former apartment.
AFTER: Vasil and Peribere to work in a simple gray palette always pale, silvery color, tint storms highlight the architectural elements, such as stairs and gate sculpture. The living room with original fireplace is the backdrop for a sitting area that includes a Ligne Roset sofa
When they build an addition that has a kitchen, a team is removed from the bay window that overlooks the backyard ever. This port became part of what is now the dining room and new kitchen in addition to the kitchen.The backyard. High-gloss lacquer gray custom cabinets are modern minimalist look, while the baroque lamps provide clues to the past.

Placing a blank wall espresso system makes the feature not only the device, the architect said. Plus, the depth of the motor to take advantage provided by the wall of the kitchen which extends from the rear.

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