‘Jersey Shore’ girls talk about the final season

Girls ‘Jersey Shore‘ speaks about the end of the season – and what lies ahead
Tonight marks the beginning of the end of the “Jersey Shore” – the final season premiere of the reality TV series that popularized the art … fist pumping. Yahoo! TV caught up with Jenni “JWOWW” Farley, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola and Deena Nicole Cortese to get the scoop on their last hurray as well as what’s ahead when the breakout MTV show fades to black.

So what can viewers expect during the premiere? “Seeing all of us back together and had a blast friggin ‘,” says Jenni. In addition, the end of the season will be a little different take on what has been a successful formula. “You can expect to see the typical drama – fights, hookups, fun time,” said Sammi. “But I mean, we live with the women (Nicole” Snooki “Polizzi) and a man who was drunk (Mike” The Situation “Sorrentino), so you’ll see a little bit of a different spin on things.” One episode is not will be answered? “You’ll want to look at Deena’s arrest, ’cause that’s amazing,” Jenni promise. “It was amazing.” Deena, who has since been banned from Seaside Heights, New Jersey, bars overserved that day, had no hard feelings that he was no longer welcome there. “It’s okay,” she said sweetly. “I understand.”

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

What will the girls miss most about the show? “Living under the same roof and going through our madness,” says Jenni. “Experience has basically been like remembering our early 20’s so we can look back at our 60, 70, 80, 90 years and be like, ‘Wow, I went through it.’.” Having reminded that not too many people get paid to stay with their best friends and have a good time, Jenni added, “Yes, it does not really get any better than that we were able to experience life together .. futures Us all changed because of this event. Me and Nicole meet our boyfriend – now fiancé us – on the show now has a baby because it’s Nicole and Ron (Magro) and Sam live together under one big happy roof “…

As far as what they will miss about the film, not much. “There’s nothing bad about it,” said Jenni. “We all went into it knowing that our lives will be affected, and the ups and downs will be part of the show, and we’re all cool with it So no we are not going to lose .. Despite the fact we would lose production company – we love them just like our roommates. ”

The success of the event was actually all over the world – now airs in almost 170 territories – and members of the cast have parlayed their fame into GTL projects. Deena has its own hair-product line, wisper, and took voice lessons in the hope of voicing cartoon characters. He could soon have support for weight loss as well. In the new issue of In Touch, she showed off 15-pound weight loss in “Baywatch”-inspired photo shoot. “This is a struggle – I yo-yo dieting – but I’m trying to keep this off,” said Deena, who at Jenny Craig. “I really feel good about yourself.”

Meanwhile, Sammi recently launched his eponymous clothing line for SXE Fitness facility, which in addition to having her own perfume and handbag line. He also decorating her new home, having just moved to Ronnie. “It will be nice,” says Sammi from cohabitating. “I’m actually very happy now been a lot of fun .. It took a little time [to decorate], but we’ve been together.”

Of the trio, Jenni is the busiest of all. He wrapped Season 2 of “Snooki and JWOWW” – or, as he called it, “Snook Woww” – have this week, and a wedding to plan after getting engaged to boyfriend Roger on 14 September. “Right now I’m trying to figure out what marriage entails,” he laughed. “I want my dream wedding in Vegas to get married in a church, then had a great reception at a banquet hall big .. But I also want to have 500 guests, so I’m not sure how it would work [with it being in Vegas] . “Rest assured, even if the marriage was in Sin City, it will remain Jersey-fied. “‘Shore’ My family will be my bridesmaids – Deena, Sam and Nicole,” he said. “And then I will also have some friends from home is going to be a big wedding – .. A good 15 on each side”

All three are also wild for Nicole’s son Lorenzo, who was born in August. “He’s a little nugget.” “He’s nuts.” “He’s very funny,” they said one after another. Although it does not give them the motherly urge first. When asked if they would follow the lead of Nicole anytime soon, they all quickly answered no.

Something that they gave a resounding yes to is whether they will be vacationing at the Jersey Shore when the event is over. “I still go to the beach,” said Deena, Sammi by adding, “We all love it there.”

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