news Syria Middle East Conflict

Capital Damascus in the onslaught rained weapons, even fire and smoke colored the sky city of Damascus every car that passes through is not uncommon these senjata.perang firing at the start of the year 2011, which raises thousands of buildings were damaged and more than 30 thousand people meninnggal world.

Not in the the city of Damascus in the city of Homs alone but also one of the third largest city in Syria also be wars, this war has been about 18 months but did not go over.

850 families in the city of Homs stuck in the middle of the Syrian conflict they were very short of food, water and medicines banned because it received aid because of the presence of an intruder in fear griliawan through aid.

Also did not escape the news of Turkey since the fall of the bomb that killed 5 villagers Turkish government condemned the Syrian, but in Turkey many who rallies against the provocation of war, the Turkish government did not fight or attack bermasud but Turkish government just getting ready, if only no military actions of the Turkish government then declared only to protect themselves.

I am so used to writing about the news from the Middle East, especially Syria were at war, this news may be useful to every reading.amin

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