Exotic West Hollywood Home

Los Angeles homeowner Carmen Lopez’s treasured collections of books, silver, bracelets, dishware, antique wooden canes, Battersea boxes, and just about anything Hermès don’t just lend personality to the West Hollywood home she’s owned for more than 23 years. They also give her life the sense of permanence she lost when she left her home in […]

Elegant Edge

With both of their daughters successfully launched, Jim and Elsie Henderson were in perfect accord on a pair of polar opposite, his-and-her essentials for their newly purchased, downsized home. The impeccably kept 1954-vintage house in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood had to serve as a sophisticated modern-art gallery with a soupçon of edginess for […]

Designer Home with Multi-Hued Holiday Palette

Everyone has a notion of what the season’s palette should be. There are the traditionalists, who celebrate with jewel-toned baubles and stockings in red-and-green plaids; the sophisticates, who prefer an elegant, snow-evoking montage of ivory and beige with the occasional gold sparkle; and those in between, who opt for both color and subtlety with the […]

Decorating with…Sunshine!

Design: Architect, interior architecture: Greg Johnson, Greg Johnson Architect Inc., 1 Blackfield Dr., #316, Tiburon, CA 94920; 415/435-3965. Interior designer: Samantha Lyman, Samantha Lyman Interior Design, 32 Ross Common, Suite 200, Ross, CA 94957; 415/461-4551, samanthalyman.com. Interior designer: Myra Hoefer, Myra Hoefer Design, 243 Center St., Healdsburg, CA 95448; 707/433-7837, myrahoeferdesign.com. Landscape designer: Janell Hobart, […]

Decorating With What You Love

Despite the fact she “loved, loved, loved” some mismatched antique French doors, interior designer Lori Tippins knew that wasn’t reason enough to bring them home. That’s when the text messages started flying between Lori and her architectural designer, Holly Johnson. “I was doing construction drawings and Lori texted me: Hey, I found some awesome doors,” […]

Decorating: Holiday Mantels

Decorating for the holidays is a family tradition, and whether your taste is casual or formal, exuberant or minimalist, the fireplace is the focal point of the room and the spot where you can express your distinctive style. Steal these ideas for adding seasonal flourishes to your décor. In the middle of a winter, the bright, […]

Decorating: Christmas Trees

Dynamic Decorations Stately and simple or dressed in holiday finery, a tree is an enduring symbol of Christmas. Steal ideas from some of our faves! The homeowner’s favorite lavender and green color palette adorns the living room and its tree. The happy hue lends itself perfectly to the baubles and ornaments of the holidays. A […]

Decorating: A Capital Christmas

Deck the halls. And while you’re at it, deck the dining room, too, please. That was designer Barry Dixon’s holiday charge when he partnered with Traditional Home to decorate the Lee Entrance Hall and Dining Room at Blair House–the president’s official guesthouse for foreign heads of state visiting Washington, D.C. “These hallowed halls have witnessed […]

Decorating: Bath Vanities

More than a place to wash up, sinks and vanities win major fashion points in today’s bathrooms. From antique cabinets to rustic trough-like pedestal sinks to sleek, glass wall-hung lavs, there are countless style options. Here are some inspiring examples to whet your appetite for a refreshing new look in a master bath or powder […]

Deck The Hills

The Scott-Kearney family definitely needed more elbowroom, but they wanted to avoid anything pretentious. After living in a 1,500-square-foot bungalow, Sally Scott and her husband, Kevin Kearney, looked forward to a bigger family house. However, they also wanted their new 6,000-square-foot home to have an understated, timeless design. Interior designer Eric Mandil helped the couple […]