6 Tips to Stop Mold Growing in Your Home

It is very possible to find mold spores in a home of indoor air and surfaces on the clothes, walls, and furniture. But, it may not be stopped away because it depends on your care of the home from the mold. Therefore, you are suggested to know 6 tips to stop mold growing in your […]

Best Ideas to Build Bathroom Partitions and Toilet

Start looking tubs that bathroom partitions. Look for porcelain bathtub or made from iron with claw feet to add to the feel of your bathroom oldies. Applying decor vintage in the bathroom will give a different accent than most modern homes. You can make the bathroom look antique and interesting by using simple decor, accessories, […]

The Perfect Appearance of the Shower for Making the Pride Sense

Shower problem can be the main point of the modern home decoration especially relates to the bathroom decoration. The way of consideration the kind of shower in the bathroom can be assumed as the important point because the use of some styles can influence the whole decoration of the bathroom itself. There are actually some […]

Composing the Great Model of the Small Bathroom Ideas

The kind of small bathroom can be needed for being used in the house that is built in a small space. The kind of house like that can be found usually in the big city. The modern style of the house then can be found in common for being used as the style there. Then, […]

Selections and Type of Mirror Design for Modern and Traditional Bathroom

The bathroom is one room in the house that should be well designed and well embellished. The bathroom is a place where you will have a comfortable time enjoying your private moment. Furthermore, the bathroom will also be a great place for you to enjoy your body treatment. Therefore, it should be well designed for […]

Classic Bathroom Design and Idea

Many bathroom designs develop faster today, and classic bathroom ideas are one of them. As people know, bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house. Bathroom is also the first place that you will use before you start your activity. It appears that bathroom has a very important role in a house. […]

Bathroom Flooring Design

There are many ways to make your bathroom seem fantastic. Bathroom which is decorated with nice flooring, ceiling and wall design makes you comfort taking a bath there. Selecting bathroom flooring tiles is more difficult than selecting design for wall or ceiling. When you determine design of bathroom floor, not only aesthetic design but also […]

Bathroom Black and White: Great Decision for an Eye-Catching Bathroom

Bathroom is very important to be well-considered. Many people think that a bathroom is only a bathroom. Actually, you have to ensure that you can enjoy your time in the bathroom. However, it is almost impossible for you to feel comfortable in bathroom which looks ugly. So, your task here is to make your bathroom […]

Tips on Choosing Contemporary Lighting for Bathroom

Bathrooms are now more improved with many things which require many people to give more attention to this part of home which its function is not only for taking a bath but also a place for relaxing and take deep refreshment. Then, many actions are available for improving your bathroom and one of them is […]