Tanning advice sun-tanning is harmful?

Protect your skin every day with a SPF product is very important all year round.  Keep in mind, your skin needs sunscreen not only during the summer months, but in the colder months too. So-keep a good Regiment of applying sunscreen all year. It will keep your skin from getting sun damage that ultimately make you look older. So what sunscreens are best for your skin?

No matter what your skin type, keep in mind when choosing a sunscreen. The higher the SPF. Creams that contain SPF 15 is the least they should consider. The creams that have an SPF 30 or higher are really the best choice.

How to choose a sunscreen?Search for Skin Cancer Foundation seal of recommendation, when you select the sunscreen. This seal helps to determine what is safe and effective skin care much more cluttered.

One of my favorite products that Sun has received the seal of recommendation is Soleil Ultra expert Sun Care of Lancome, with a SPF 50 and can be used on face, as well as the body.This formula has a wonderful scent of fresh and offers great protection from the Sun.

Make sure you don’t neglect your lips when your going out in the Sun … Choose a lip balm that has SPf 30 or higher.

I need a skin cancer control? It’s smart to get a skin cancer check-ups at least every two years. But-keep in mind you should always have any skin abnormality checked with good speed. Don’t take the chance of putting out a skin check, if there is a skin problem? It is also smart to perform monthly self-examinations between visits to monitor changes in your skin’s appearance.

Is there anyway to Tan safely?  Tan only really sure is a tan from a bottle. On the market there are a variety of different formulas self-Tanner. Self tanners come in a variety of forms. Sprays, gels, lotions and wipes. Most products offer excellent alternative ways to obtain a light without the harmful effects of the Sun.

There is an alternative to self tanners? One that will provide me with a safe healthy glow?

Yes … Try moisturizing your skin with Francesca (dihydroxyacetone). Francesca provides a very slight glow and the lotion keeps skin soft and subtle.

Tips on using self tanners …

How do I remove striped self-Tanner?  If you get stuck with a strip of fake Tan, here’s how to solve an error: tanning

Step 1: soak
Soak in a warm bath for 10 minutes 15 to moisturize and soften the skin.

Step 2: Scrub
Rub the area gently but thoroughly streaked with a Microdermabrasion cream, for five minutes.

Step 3: moisturize
Slather on a moisturizer sewn with glycolic acid or retinol further stimulate cell turnover and delete the unwanted color.

Step 4: Peel
Every other day, swap the cream for a Microdermabrasion Peel.   Speed up dissolving the exfoliation peels Malta which keeps the skin cells together instead of flaking out cells as creme Microdermabrasion.

Always make sure to protect your eyes from the harmful suns rays …

Tanning advice sun-tanning is harmful?

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