La Dolce Vita: 10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Lindsay of Everything LEB

La Dolce Vita: 10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Lindsay of Everything LEB

LEB- Favorite things 1-6[1]

LEB- Favorite things 7-10[1]

Today we welcome, Lindsay of the lovely blog, Everything LEB. Lindsay does a wonderful job of featuring a variety of topics with an emphasis on interior design. She has a great eye for color and always has insightful commentary in her posts. Lindsey is also a talented stationery designer, you can visit her etsy shop here.

1. the color orange- Orange is in my life on a daily basis.  I wear orange clothes all the time, buy orange flowers, decorate with orange and so much more.  It is my color of choice and my very favorite.

2. an eyelash curler-  Someone once told me that an curling your eyelashes is like an instant face lift, I agree.  I have very long eyelashes but they just don’t seem to curl on their own.  After heating the curler with a hair dryer for about 10 seconds it creates the perfect curl and most importantly an instant face lift. 

3. Christmas-  and not just Christmas morning either.  After Thanksgiving and right up till Christmas Eve is the happiest time of the year.  I love everything about getting ready for Christmas from finding the perfect tree, decorating my apartment, shopping for loved ones and all the wonderful Christmas music I get to listen to.  I am complete two-year-old when it comes to this time of year and its not about getting presents for me, its the giving part that’s my favorite part.

4. Starbucks- I have a serious addiction and need my jolt of coffee in the AM to function.  You know its bad when they know you by name and what you order.

5. Palmers Coco Butter Sick- best thing ever for my lips.  I keep one in every room of the house, in the car, and at the office- they are everywhere.

6. my laptop- Basically I could not function without it and more importantly I could not blog without it.  I got a new one from my parents for Christmas and it has been used every day since.

7. paint- Cheapest, easiest way to change the look of anything.  I love paint in all forms and have a stock pile of it for all those future projects on my list.

8. New England-  I am a total New England girl to the core.  I was born and raised here and even if the BF and I were to move away we would eventually come back to raise our kids here.  Everything I love is here:  my family, my friends, the Red Sox, the four seasons, snow, Maple Syrup, the ocean, Maine Lobster, and the list could go on for ever and ever.

9.  my label maker-  Since I am a complete organization freak this thing helps me stay sane.  I have boxes to organize boxes and bags and organize other bags- they all would be a big mess without my trusty little label maker.

10.  Last, but most certainly not least, is my family. I am here because of them and I would not be the girl I am today without each and every one of them. 

Thank you so much Paloma for asking me to do this, it was alot of fun coming up with my list!

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