Tips Memilih Toko Yang Jual Kacamata Pria Berkualitas

Banyak sekali pihak yang jual kacamata pria di dunia maya maupun langung di dunia nyata. Sebagai calon pembeli tentu anda harus memperhatikan beberapa hal penting. Pertama, tentukan tujuan untuk apa anda membeli kacamata tersebut, apakah anda membeli kacamata tersebut untuk memperbaiki pengelihatan anda atau anda membeli kacamata untuk melindungi mata dari benda asing, atau untuk […]

Tiny House Design Modern And Simple

Latest tiny house design, modern, simple and also you can find now. Design houses such as this is quite a favorite, and much sought after by people. Now there are many houses that implement such designs. Not only newly built house, but also now the industry The latest design for a minimalist garden and terrace […]

Friday Links

– Animated Light Paintings by Lucea Spinelli (via thisisnthappiness) – The World’s Most Functional Sleeping Bag by Capata – How to turn a plastic bottle into 20 yards of string – So many good stamps: extase’s Etsy Shop (via thinx) – Mindful breathing – Honeybee mite is “like having a 6-pound house cat attached to […]

Sprawling Home in Scotland Integrates 18th-Century Ruins

The White House by WT Architecture is on Scotland’s Isle of Coll. The original stone house was built in the mid-1700s and was abandoned in the mid-1800s. When the current owners inherited the building, they found roofless ruins with lots of cracks but an intact basic structure. The architects advised the clients to preserve the ruins and build the living spaces around them. […]

Watercolor Floorplans from Recent Television Shows and Films

Designer: Floor Plan Croissant   First, artist Boryana Ilieva explores the world of colorful NYC apartments belonging to struggling young artists, illustrators, actors and other creatives. This first apartment highlights Hannah’s apartment from Lena Dunham’s television series Girls, a colorful space with an open layout. Here’s the layout of Adam’s new apartment, a serious upgrade from […]

10 Smart Hidden Storage Solutions You’ll Wish You Had at Home

At one point, we all have struggles with finding optimal storage space in our homes. If or – better said – when you find yourself in this kind of situation, the best thing is to have some options available. Like these 10 clever solutions we shared with you. They aren’t science-fiction or even expensive trends, […]

5 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom- Whether you’re working with a small space or looking to make a decorative splash, the options are limitless when it comes to bathroom design. Jessica Doyle selects some inspiring examples… A wall of marble makes a stunning backdrop in this London bathroom. A wooden-footed bath and antique furniture soften the look. Five experts,   five […]

home design plans

Building a house can be built with any materials, one of which build a house with wood materials. First construction of houses with wood materials are common, especially in continental Europe. Currently, along with the times, the wooden house is more difficult to find. Rarely would anyone want to build a house with wooden walls […]

Sophisticated Redesign

Being an interior designer has certain perks. You’re given access to the best auctions and trade shows. Granted sneak peeks at the latest furnishings and fabrics. And, most important, you have the advantage of a prescient and discerning design eye-the ability to walk into a house and see past its glaring design flaws to the […]

Small Home. Big Style.

These are some of the things designer Berkley Vallone loves: cake plates, mirrors, French soap labels, the color pink, Coco Chanel, antique teacups, Fornasetti plates, and, well, you get the picture. Berkley is one exuberant young woman. The daughter of a designer, Berkley turned designer herself and says the most important thing she tells clients […]